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This post picks up directly where the previous one left off. Once again, there are many, many pictures, this time mainly of birds.

The day continues )

I think that's as many pictures as ought to be crammed into any one post, so the final bit of this day will go in its own entry.
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Some days I wonder about my brainpower. While looking through the camera instruction book last night, I stumbled across the very exciting fact that I can enlarge pictures on the camera screen, then navigate around to look at different bits of the shot. As a result, I now know that some of my lemur shots from yesterday should be good. Also as a result, I feel like a fool for not realizing this before. Especially because then I checked the old camera and discovered I could have been doing it there all these years, too. *sigh* I guess I was just so busy using it like my old film SLR that it never occurred to me to consider the possibilities. ::is stupid::

A long walk and a lot of pictures )
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Oh. My. God. This was a day, one I’m probably not going to be able to talk about in detail (Stop sighing in relief!) or else I’ll never finish. And since we have to get up at 5:15, I’d actually like to finish at a human hour and get some sleep.

Many, many pictures this way )

Next, Lemur Island. I split this entry to keep it from getting even more hideously picture-heavy.


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