Nov. 4th, 2007

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Up early for breakfast, then on the road, It was National Route 2 again, and the first couple of hours in particular were very windy as we kept going to Tamatave aka Toamasina on the central East Coast. It was raining when we left and for much of the drive, and Terry and I were incredibly glad that for logistical reasons Vy had suggested we do Lemur Island yesterday afternoon instead of this morning, when it would not only have been muddy and uncomfortable, but we couldn’t have used the cameras. And speaking of Lemur Island, I did capture a couple of shots of leaping ringtails in the background, so you’ll get to see them after all. Anyway...

Long post, one picture, under the cut )
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I know I’m sounding like a total – and vocabulary-challenged – bore, but today was yet another fabulous day. Last night before bed I saw a pale little gecko in our bathroom, and perhaps he was a good omen.

This way for a ton more pictures and a lot of talk )
leaping_lemurs: (Lemurs Looking by the_reverand)
Later that same night:
I have just one thing to say about our night walk: mouse lemurs!

OK, I have lots of things to say (I mean, this is still me, after all, and I’m a yakker), but that was by far the most important. To learn more,click here )


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