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We had an early breakfast and then hit the road, so we’d have time for a brief driving tour of Diego Suarez and lunch before our 2:30 flight back to Tana, where we’re overnighting near the airport, since we have a 6:30 AM (ugh) flight to Fort Dauphin ([livejournal.com profile] queenofthorns, I think of you every time I see or hear the name), gateway to Berenty.

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I’m typing this section directly after the last (ie: the last bit of my post for the 22nd), though I have to go to lunch in about 15 minutes. As I type, I’m keeping an eye on the large green gecko who decided to come visit and is just now climbing the wall by the table. Better him than the large snake we saw when we got back from our morning walk. He slithered under a bush, then emerged and kept going to find the shade under a bungalow.

The snake and so much more )
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Before we left, I took a few pictures of the Nature Lodge, because it looked so pretty in the sun, with all its flowers and sculpture.

Let the photos begin )


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