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Here's the last post covering the next-to-last day.

First, a couple of shots shot I forgot to include with the afternoon walk: a paradise flycatcher on her nest and a rooster.

Birds )

Another great night walk and plenty more )
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I think this post is going to rival or even beat my Lemur Island post in the number of pictures it contains.

Up at the crack of dawn, pastry in the room, and then on the road for the 10-minute drive to the Tana airport. The flight was pretty much on time, so we were here in Fort Dauphin before 8:00.

Lemurs, lemurs, lemurs (and a few other things) )

More lemurs coming up in Part 2.
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Before we left, I took a few pictures of the Nature Lodge, because it looked so pretty in the sun, with all its flowers and sculpture.

Let the photos begin )
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Later that same day...

The picture-light night walk )

And that’s all she wrote. I think I’ll just read for a while and then sleep in a bed for the first time since Wednesday night. (I’m writing this on Saturday, in case you’re keeping track.)


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