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I think this post is going to rival or even beat my Lemur Island post in the number of pictures it contains.

Up at the crack of dawn, pastry in the room, and then on the road for the 10-minute drive to the Tana airport. The flight was pretty much on time, so we were here in Fort Dauphin before 8:00.

Lemurs, lemurs, lemurs (and a few other things) )

More lemurs coming up in Part 2.
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Some days I wonder about my brainpower. While looking through the camera instruction book last night, I stumbled across the very exciting fact that I can enlarge pictures on the camera screen, then navigate around to look at different bits of the shot. As a result, I now know that some of my lemur shots from yesterday should be good. Also as a result, I feel like a fool for not realizing this before. Especially because then I checked the old camera and discovered I could have been doing it there all these years, too. *sigh* I guess I was just so busy using it like my old film SLR that it never occurred to me to consider the possibilities. ::is stupid::

A long walk and a lot of pictures )


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