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Here's the last post covering the next-to-last day.

First, a couple of shots shot I forgot to include with the afternoon walk: a paradise flycatcher on her nest and a rooster.

Birds )

Another great night walk and plenty more )
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And now, the afternoon walk.

Lots more lemurs and a few surprises )

Next post, the sisal factory, ostriches and our night walk.
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Picking right up where I left off...

Pied crows and some cool paintings )

Next stop, the afternoon walk.
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OMG, the number of pictures! I'll spare you many of them, I promise, because a lot of the time they're just (very minor) variations on a theme, but even so, this is going to have to be broken into sections.

A disclaimer and the story begins )
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Picking right up where I left off, still at Nampoina.

Still more pictures to come )
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I think this post is going to rival or even beat my Lemur Island post in the number of pictures it contains.

Up at the crack of dawn, pastry in the room, and then on the road for the 10-minute drive to the Tana airport. The flight was pretty much on time, so we were here in Fort Dauphin before 8:00.

Lemurs, lemurs, lemurs (and a few other things) )

More lemurs coming up in Part 2.
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We had an early breakfast and then hit the road, so we’d have time for a brief driving tour of Diego Suarez and lunch before our 2:30 flight back to Tana, where we’re overnighting near the airport, since we have a 6:30 AM (ugh) flight to Fort Dauphin ([livejournal.com profile] queenofthorns, I think of you every time I see or hear the name), gateway to Berenty.

This way for your daily dose of Madagascar )
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I’m typing this section directly after the last (ie: the last bit of my post for the 22nd), though I have to go to lunch in about 15 minutes. As I type, I’m keeping an eye on the large green gecko who decided to come visit and is just now climbing the wall by the table. Better him than the large snake we saw when we got back from our morning walk. He slithered under a bush, then emerged and kept going to find the shade under a bungalow.

The snake and so much more )
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Before we left, I took a few pictures of the Nature Lodge, because it looked so pretty in the sun, with all its flowers and sculpture.

Let the photos begin )
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We left the hotel just after 9:00 for our 10:35 flight straight through to Diego Suarez, but Mad Air at last decided to show us why it’s known for its delays. Our plane hadn’t even left Tana yet to come down to Majunga, so we sat in the departure lounge and read. Coincidence and more )
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I’m writing this in the late morning at Ampijoroa, sitting outside under a little roofed shelter to keep the sun off. We’ll be heading back to the city after lunch, but so much has happened already that I figured I might as well take this chance to get current.

Morning lemurs and lots more )

To be continued in the next post.

Silly Me

Nov. 7th, 2007 01:05 pm
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I thought the live journal default setting on comments was to let anyone respond, but it turns out it was registered users only. I've gone in and changed that, though, so now anyone can click to leave a comment, whether you're registered or just visiting from the real world.

Sorry 'bout dat.
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First, I forgot to post my picture of the paradise flycatcher from earlier in the day.

Pretty birdie )

And now, the day continues. The rest of the day (and night) )

Wow, for once that was nice and short.
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This post picks up directly where the previous one left off. Once again, there are many, many pictures, this time mainly of birds.

The day continues )

I think that's as many pictures as ought to be crammed into any one post, so the final bit of this day will go in its own entry.
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This post would have been even more insanely picture-heavy than my Lemur Island post if I'd kept it all together, so I've broken it up to save your sanity (and your computer).

I’m so tired and hot that I may end up incoherent (count yourselves lucky that I’ll no doubt edit this entry before posting it), but I want to at least get down the basics of today. So...listiness.

1) Cut for medical TMI - feel free to skip )

2) The rest of the story and the photos )

Our afternoon and evening activities will come in the next post.
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This morning we packed up, then walked into town over the footbridge. We were watching our feet every step of the way to avoid the holes and cracked boards, but I suspect it’s safer than it looks. I’d like to believe so, anyway. It was very sunny and very hot, even before 9:00 AM, but since our “purpose” was simply to wander the market, I made it my goal to find a couple of cheap bandanas, so I can stop going through Kleenex like there’s a fire sale every time I need to wipe off my cheeks (quite pink from the sun after our long hike yesterday) or my glasses. Finding them was tougher than you might think, but I succeeded – and I didn’t even have to buy the one with the skull on it.

This way for some non-wildlife pics )
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Some days I wonder about my brainpower. While looking through the camera instruction book last night, I stumbled across the very exciting fact that I can enlarge pictures on the camera screen, then navigate around to look at different bits of the shot. As a result, I now know that some of my lemur shots from yesterday should be good. Also as a result, I feel like a fool for not realizing this before. Especially because then I checked the old camera and discovered I could have been doing it there all these years, too. *sigh* I guess I was just so busy using it like my old film SLR that it never occurred to me to consider the possibilities. ::is stupid::

A long walk and a lot of pictures )
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Later that same night:
I have just one thing to say about our night walk: mouse lemurs!

OK, I have lots of things to say (I mean, this is still me, after all, and I’m a yakker), but that was by far the most important. To learn more,click here )


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