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Picking right up where I left off...

Next we had lunch and then time for a brief rest before meeting Jean, our guide, at 2:30 for a forest walk. The pied crows were all over the place. One landed right near our table to eat the bread we tossed him. He held it down under one foot, then pecked away pieces.

Here's a good look at his face.

I really like the pied crows and ended up taking a lot of shots of them.

Catch the strut!

This guy was all fluffed up for some reason.

I even got a couple of flight shots.

First, though, we went through the small museum they have there about the flora, fauna and traditional life of the area. It was hard for me to read all the small print, but it was full of interesting information, especially about the rituals surrounding birth, circumcision and death.

I thought these facts about the traditional houses were really neat to know.

Some facts on funerals:

This is an elephant's foot plant near the museum.

And this pretty tree was right out front.

Berenty has a small shop, and in it I hit the jackpot: 5 gorgeous paintings of lemurs. I bought all 5 (for about $16 apiece – I was in awe), and the woman running the shop took them off the stretchers for me and rolled them up so I could get them home.

The black and white ruffed lemur:

A diademed sifaka:

Red lemurs (females, because of the coloration):


And the Verreaux's sifaka:

Next stop, the afternoon walk.
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