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I’m writing this in the late morning at Ampijoroa, sitting outside under a little roofed shelter to keep the sun off. We’ll be heading back to the city after lunch, but so much has happened already that I figured I might as well take this chance to get current.

Morning lemurs and lots more )

To be continued in the next post.
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First, I forgot to post my picture of the paradise flycatcher from earlier in the day.

Pretty birdie )

And now, the day continues. The rest of the day (and night) )

Wow, for once that was nice and short.
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This post picks up directly where the previous one left off. Once again, there are many, many pictures, this time mainly of birds.

The day continues )

I think that's as many pictures as ought to be crammed into any one post, so the final bit of this day will go in its own entry.
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This post would have been even more insanely picture-heavy than my Lemur Island post if I'd kept it all together, so I've broken it up to save your sanity (and your computer).

I’m so tired and hot that I may end up incoherent (count yourselves lucky that I’ll no doubt edit this entry before posting it), but I want to at least get down the basics of today. So...listiness.

1) Cut for medical TMI - feel free to skip )

2) The rest of the story and the photos )

Our afternoon and evening activities will come in the next post.


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