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First, I forgot to post my picture of the paradise flycatcher from earlier in the day.

And now, the day continues.

6) We took a night walk, something I’ve really grown to love. But right now the power’s about to go down for the night, so I’m going to put this journal away for now and tell you all about more lemurs later.

And now it’s later, ie: the next morning. I mentioned loving night walks, and I really do, even though that’s when the bugs come out. (Especially here. One flew right into my eye. Ewwww.) But we’re always just our tiny group of 4 total, and we can be silent when we need to be, and Terry and I never have to jostle for a chance to see. And Nono – like every single guide we’ve had, because Vy somehow always gets amazing people for us – can spot things I’d never see. We drove down to a trailhead none of the big groups (of 12 or more – no fun) were using and headed into the forest. First up, leaf bugs, gross (sorry, bug people) sluggy things crawling in lines up a tree trunk. We saw them early in their 6-month lifespan, so they were white. Later they’ll turn pink and then green before crumping in February.

And then there were lemurs! Common browns about 50 meters away, but I recognized that oinky hiccup and knew they were somewhere. The Milne-Edwards sportive lemur, this time awake and climbing around. The golden-brown mouse lemur, somewhat bigger than the brown mouse lemur we saw in Maroantsetra. And the fat-tailed dwarf lemur, a little cuddly-looking thing – and he was low enough that I actually got a good shot of him! (OK, in retrospect let’s just say a shot. “Good” doesn’t enter into it.)

7) Then it was back to Park Central for dinner (the food here is really terrible – talk about rubber chicken, this was cast iron), but the Coke, water and bananas are all fine. The power here is funny. It doesn’t go on and off as if someone had flicked a switch, but as if some kid was playing on/off games with the dimmer. It did it once during dinner, and then constantly as I was journaling before bed. And in fact, pretty much as soon as we finished eating it was off to bed, where I slept surprisingly well, no doubt entirely due to complete and utter – but happy – exhaustion.

8) Now it’s morning, I’ve had my chilly shower (there’s no hot water here) and taken a picture of the little brown frog sitting inside the toilet bowl (we’re in a multi-room cabin thing, so we have shared facilities, and I hope no one flushes poor froggy),

He's ready for his close-up, Mr. DeMille.

and in a few minutes we’ll walk over for breakfast and today’s activities: the red gorge and Durrell (Gerald, of course) tortoise center here in the park, then back to Majunga for the market and a sunset viewing of the baobab (bow – as in to take a bow – bob, as near as I can tell, not bayohbab, as I’ve always said) right in town. (Actually, it’s sort of “bao,” like Chairman Mao, bob.)

Wow, for once that was nice and short.
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