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Some days I wonder about my brainpower. While looking through the camera instruction book last night, I stumbled across the very exciting fact that I can enlarge pictures on the camera screen, then navigate around to look at different bits of the shot. As a result, I now know that some of my lemur shots from yesterday should be good. Also as a result, I feel like a fool for not realizing this before. Especially because then I checked the old camera and discovered I could have been doing it there all these years, too. *sigh* I guess I was just so busy using it like my old film SLR that it never occurred to me to consider the possibilities. ::is stupid::

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I know I’m sounding like a total – and vocabulary-challenged – bore, but today was yet another fabulous day. Last night before bed I saw a pale little gecko in our bathroom, and perhaps he was a good omen.

This way for a ton more pictures and a lot of talk )
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We made it!I slept a little on the plane, though my knees were screaming in pain most of the night. The woman sitting next to me was from the Netherlands, and since her husband was several rows back, we did a lot of chatting, which helped pass the time. I may have a new Martin convert, too. She thought he sounded like someone she’d like, so I’m going to lug the book back to the States after all and send it to her. Anyway...

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